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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 5, 2010 1:00pm-3:00pm EST

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chile, it did land safely. more to come on cnn. you are looking at live pictures at the miami international airport. our ali velshi is next. he'll update you on the story. stay tuned. here's ali. >> look at the size of that thing, don, it's the size of a car. we'll find out exactly how a piece of a plane that big falls off into a parking lot. i'm ali velshi, i'll be with you the next two hours today and every weekday. we'll break everything down for you. we have a lot to break down right now. we have a massive weather ere event going in the northeast. flights are canceled and snow falling fast and hard. but, first, toyota's troubles roll on. cnn's global resources are all over it. kyung lah is reporting from nagoya, japan, home of toyota's headquarters. cnn's richard quest is live from london for context and perspective. in new york city, mike quincy
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from "consumer reports," he's the top auto guy there, he'll tell you what you're supposed to do and what long-term impact it will have on toyota. but let's start with kyung lah who was rushed to the scene when toyota announced, with very little notice that they were going to say something about this. you got on a train, you got there as fast as you can and barely made it in. the whole thing was very, very strange the way it unfolded. tell us what happened. >> reporter: it certainly was. we got a phone call at 6:30 or so, that said there was going to be a news conference. akio toyoda, the head of the toyota motor corporation, this is what we wanted, to ask him questions about all this. then we heard it's in nagoya, where i am now. it was a two-hour train ride, we were barely going to make it. in by the time we got here, it had just started, we plugged in and it star ted. there were a lot of sweaty
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reporters who had to run there to get there in time. but what he did, he offered an apology, ali. that's what they wanted to hear, safety swirling about the question about the scarcars. and he said they would start a global committee to look into the recall and revent any other problems like this happening in the future. but he did assert that the cars that toyota makes are safe. here's what he said -- >> translator: quality is our lifeline. we are making the utmost effort with everyone involved. i do not leave my responsibilities to others. >> reporter: but he certainly did say that he does have some work ahead. trying to make sure that his customers know that he wants them to be there in the showrooms in the fu. ali? >> i know you've been working on this, it's 3:00 in the morning right now, i know we were e-mailing last night, so you've been going at this for a long
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time. one of the things, one of the rumors we were wondering about, was the rumor swirling around about the recall of the 2010 prius. they didn't say that there's a recall. they've not announced one. it's now 3:00 in the morning on saturday, so they may not announce one tonight or on the we weekend, but they did address the issue of the prius and the brakes. >> reporter: they certainly did. they actually addressed this yesterday as well. it's been an ongoing discussion among the media and toyota. we were thinking that programs the recall of the toyota -- of the prius might be something that happens this evening and that's perhaps why it was so hayes hastily arranged, but it did not happen. toyota is saying that the fix is in place on vehicles that have been made by toyota, the 2010 prius, frost last weem last wee asked are you trying to hide something, is there something else deeper about the prius? well, we heard from the president is no.
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and the vice president of quality control says that the company has been straightforward and as honest as it can be, ali. >> i don't think anybody needs too much description about the history of toyota. but where you are in japan, this is the car driven from the emperor down to the worker. this is part of the national fabric. >> reporter: this is absolutely a part of the national fabric. it is stitched into the economy. it is stitched into the pride. it is stitched into the "made in japan" label. what is made in japan, this is an export-driven economy, and the biggest exporter in this economy is toyota. it is an identity that is beyond just the corolla or the camry. it is deeply entrenched with the japanese identity. so, if this automaker is dented in its reputation, the concern here is that it is going to dent the other companies in this economy, but also all the products that are aligned with the world's second largest
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economy there is concern that it may have a spillover effect and further damage this struggling economy, ali. >> excellent reporting from nagoya japan, normally based in toyota, thanks for this, and i suspect you'll have a few more sleepless nights. we've got the global resources of cnn on this story. let's take it to london, where richard quest is standing by, and new york where "consumer reports" auto specialist mike quincy is there. i want to start with you richard, richard and mike, richard, you and i have had this discussion already today. i'm of the view that you couldn't have handled your situation worse in terms of your brand management than toyota has done, and you take an issue with me on this? >> i take issue from a point of pragmati pragmatism. i take issue in the sense of what would you have had them do differently? kyung lah made the point brilliantly, she said it's japan's largest exporter. toyota, as a company, is
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virtually like a small country in its own right. now, you know, how governments are difficult when something goes on, they investigate, they find out, they need to know what happened before they can authoritatively apologize. where they could have been slightly faster off the mark, where i do lean towards ever so slightly -- and i do mean ever so slightly -- is that perhaps the top man could have been a little more visible earlier in the crisis. he could have been saying, we could have seen who was responsible. but this idea that you can come out, right at the beginning, say what's wrong, say how to deal with it, say you're sorry, i think it's just being unrealistic and fanciful. >> bollix as you might say. stay right where you are, richard. mike, stay right where you are. mike has the answer what you're supposed to do if uh own one of the vehicles that get into trouble. he'll have that, stay with us. the toyota conversation continues. ♪
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all right. back to our hard look at what's going on with toyota right now. let's go to london, richard quest is there. michael quincy is an auto specialist at "consumer reports," he's at our studios in new york. michael, nothing gives me greater pleasure than somebody that knows what he's talking about, taking a little bit of richard quest. but the two of you are on the same side. the two of you don't think it's as big a deal as some of us do
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for toyota. >> "consumer reports" has gone on record saying this, if you own a toyota, you shouldn't panic. you should drive the car as you normally would. keep attuned to how the accelerator pedal feels, if it's very stiff and it's not bouncing back to its upright position, if it's not accelerating smoothly, bring it in to the dealer to get it checked out. but from the data point standpoint, it's a rare situation, it doesn't happen that often. i wouldn't panic. there's no blood on the streets. drive your car. keep on top of how it's performing. >> let me have you say it on tv you agree with richard quest, it's not long-term damage to toyota's reputation. did i misquote you, richard >> yes, i agree with richard because the company -- toyota's a huge america's very important to them. do i think they handled it well from the public relations
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standpoint, right now the cars are smarter than the executives. however, they will recover from it. you have to admit, you have to think about how difficult it is to build the cars. they're coming from different assembly lines and suppliers and you have to get all the components to work together. they're the world's number-one volume automaker with that perhaps comes a tougher job with quality control. >> there you go, richard, vindicated. >> ali, ali, it's very simple, toyota will recover from this. the sheer size means they will. did they do what -- did mr. ahmadinej toyoda come out and say what he should have done, probably not, it's important when you have a megacrisis like this how to do it better. >> michael quincy, if you are experiencing the brake thing, you have a breakdown of what you can do. give us a nutshell of what you're supposed to do if you have a problem with a toyota. >> actually, ali, it can happen
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with any car. every manufacturer has recalls. every manufacturer has incidents of the database of the government where you've got unintended acceleration. the best thing you can do, press your foot firmly on the brake. keep it there. don't pump the pedal. pop the transmission into neutral and safely steer to the side of the road. that should take care of the problem. but the first and foremost, don't panic. >> all right. gentlemen, mike quincy in new york, richard quest, let's hear it. [ ding ] >> there you go, "quest means business." we'll stay on top of the story as we have the whole time, every piece of news to know about toyota that is around you or in your garage, you will find out here right on cnn, you can go to as well. we'll turn the corner to another very, very important story today, the u.s. labor front. every politician will tell you -- and by the way, so do you in our polling, you say jobs are our top priority. we have big news on the job front, the official unemployment rate in january has actually
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fallen, it's gone from 10% to 9.7% in the last month, in january, 20,000 jobs were lost. and they've revised the number of jobs lost since the beginning of this recession to 8.4 million. that's 1.2 million jobs more than we thought. let's take a look, let's go back a little while and show you the monthly job losses. here's some of the good news. if you go back to the beginning of this recession which was january of 2007, that's when the job losses were very small, take a look at this trend. you get down to january of last year, a year ago, 740,000 jobs lost and we've seen the trend come back. while the news is not fantastic, we even saw one month of gains here, while the news is not fantastic, anybody can look at this graph and say things are apparently getting better on the job front. we'll talk a little bit more about this. i do want to show you, though, a map of the united states. the average unemployment in the country is 9.7%, okay? we have put in red those states with an unemployment rate that is two percentage points or more
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higher than the national average. you've got rhode island over here, you've got michigan, you've got some states in the southwest and the southeast. most of the country is not that much higher than the national average. let me show you those states that are better than the national average. in other words, if you're ready to move, you have nothing stopping you from moving, go to those states that are green, because they've got an unemployment rate that is two points lower than the national average or more. you can see the plains, the mountain states are in there, virginia, maryland, and you can see there's some other states scattered around. but the bottom hein line there more states with an unemployment rate lower than the national average than the other way around. okay, big story we're covering, another big story we're covering. we've got a lot of news to break down for you. a severe weather event is happening in our country. let's go to our severe weather expert, chad myers, he's track in this particular flight cancellations going into the mid-atlantic state.
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>> delta canceling 230 flights in and out of philadelphia, baltimore and d.c. 230 already in anticipation of what's coming. on flighttracker here behind me, i can show you the flights still coming in to d.c. a jetblue flight here, united flight up to the north here, an american airline flight coming out of miami. but very few. in fact, ali, only 13 flights into d.c. right now, and they will be some of the last ones in. southwest going to cancel all flights after 2:00. it's the snow. it's coming in. it is going to literally put some -- so much snow in these jetway areas that they don't want to get their planes stuck on the tarmac or stuck in these jetway areas, as we go into the weekend and have no planes to move anywhere else. they don't want the planes in this area. they're not sending them. so, call ahead at best or find a train. >> all right. over the next two hours you and i are going to stay on top of
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this. >> absolutely. >> i was one of the guys affected. i was going to atlantic city, i'm not going, my flights were canceled, too, we'll stay on top of it for everyone else that has had their travel plans changed. my co-anchor christine romans is joining us after the break, those there ready to talk to us, about why the unemployment numbers matter and your life. people think that honda is always the most fuel efficient choice. well, this chevy cobalt xfe has better highway mileage than a comparable honda civic. this chevy traverse has better mileage than honda pilot. the all-new chevy equinox has better mileage than honda cr-v. and chevy malibu has better mileage than accord. however, honda does make something that we just can't compete with. it's self propelled.
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all right. christine romans standing by to talk to us about this unemployment number. this happens every month. we get an unemployment number. sometimes it matters less than other times, but this is one of those times where we're an economy in transition. some people say we're out of a recession, so we want to it feel better than it does. when we hear we lost 20,000 jobs in the month of january, and we hear that unemployment rate is down, we wonder why people are confused about money, christine. >> it's a big report with a lot of data and you hear about the revision over the past 25 months that means we lost 8.4 million jobs in the recession, more than 1 million more than we thought, how did a 1 million jobs disappear and we didn't know it? it shows you how deep and devastating the recession has been. it's far, far worker for the american worker than we thought. and we knew it was terrible. on the other hand, as your great graphic showed, this is slowing
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down, the bloodletting in corporate america is letting down. >> the bar graphs, a year ago it's the worst it was, it's a per vect "v," the shape of my upper body. it does show things are improving quite dramatically. valerie, we can put it up so christine can talk about it. if you were listening to the headlines, you were tv when it happened. you got two mixed signals. the unemployment rate was down. you and i often talk about the fact that the unemployment rate is in some instances less important than whether or not jobs were created in a given month. we need more job those be out there. we need people to have jobs to go into. >> look. and when you look at that unemployment rate, i'm going to tell you right now, ali, 70 think you'll probably agree with me, the unemployment rate will probably pop around for the next few months because as people bailout completely from the labor market, and as bill roger, the economist at the labor economist told us earlier today for "your $$$$$" show, people left, they got discouraged and
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left the labor market, that's why it went down. if people get encouraged by the headlines and enter the job market. it could go up. >> it could go up. >> but we want companies to be creating jobs and confident with creating jobs with health benefits, right? with good salaries and we want to be able to have opportunities for people, and we're not seeing that yet. we are seeing a less-bad situation. but we're not seeing opportunities being created for everyone just yet. and that's something we are all hoping is going to happen sometime this year. we just don't know when. >> you are the kind of person who is as interested in this as we are, we've got a great show this weekend, saturday at 1:00 p.m., sunday at 3:00 p.m., the reason i say that we have bill rogers, and we have someone who does nothing but tracks this stuff as a career. i remember him saying 2010 is your friend if you're a job seeker. it's actually going to get better from here, but i heard from mark zandi, another economist we talk to, said we're going to see 10% unemployment
1:22 pm
all the way to the midterm elections and that's a problem for the democrats. >> yeah. i think that's true. and i think this is going to be a big political and economic story for the rest of the year. look, when you have even 9.7% unemployment, ali, that's terrible. it's not a condition you want. it's not good for america. it's not good for american families, but at least we know that the trajectory is moving slowly, slowly, slowly, in right direction. but you can't sugarcoat it. >> it is what it is. >> people will sugarcoat it and say the worst is over, you can't sugarcoat it. it's a very great economical way to tell it, it is what it is. >> a great name for a show. you can see us at saturday and sunday on "your $$$$$" on cnn. i will tell you later on in this show, we'll have two experts to talk about your job. one who's going to tell you how to get a job and the other one will tell you what to do if you've just been laid off from your job. but we'll give you information that you need right now, by the way, and that has to do with the weather. >> let's go back to our severe weather center and chad myers.
1:23 pm
chad, what do you got? >> i want to go through city by city, ali, and tell you what we're going to experience this weekend. beautiful shot of the capitol, but then if you take a look down here in this dark area, you can already see the snowflakes flying. well, i've heard a lot of really bad forecasts for d.c., including 28 inches inside the beltway. that's just not going to happen. >> yeah. >> that's not going to happen. i got nothing for that forecast. i don't even know who came up with that number. but here's the thing, a lot of this, the first 15 inches of snow will pack down to about 7, because of how much moisture is in this snow. we usually take -- the computer's only don't give us snow, they give us how much wacht's come i water's coming out and we multiply it by ten, because ten inches of water will give you ten inches of snow, you can't multiply it by ten, maybe by six, so the first 1 inch of rain which some forecasters are saying it will be 10, there's no way it will be 10, it's going to
1:24 pm
be 5 or 6, and it's going to be packed down and it's going to be very heavy. it's already snowing indianapolis to columbus. it's snowing in richmond, but i guarantee you, richmond, it will change over to rain. this is not a storm like you had last week. a storm for d.c. and baltimore and on up into pennsylvania, that's where the areas will see the heaviest snow. right through here. south of this line, south of d.c., even anacostia southward, you may only see 6 inches, 8 inches of snow because it will come down as rain/snow mix. it will try to fall down as snow and it will be melt and just a mess. so, if you're down here in southern maryland, salisbury all the way over to eastern shore, it will be a sloppy rain/snow mess, not piling up that much. but watch when you move 5 inches of mess, because it weighs the same as 15 inches of snow, the snow to the north of philadelphia, d.c., baltimore, that's the area that will really pile up. >> and lots of flight cancellations you said.
1:25 pm
>> 230. delta. >> southwest isn't going into dwi, into philadelphia. all right, chad's on the case. you know when chad takes his jacket off that it's -- it's serious business. we got full coverage on this, by the way. we've got reynolds wolf out in the field as well. i want to show you else, by the way, i want to take you to miami for a second and show you the parking lot. look at the size of metal in the parks lot. almost the size of a car. it fell off a plane, it dropped off a cargo plane that was approaching miami international airport, landed smack dab into the middle of a shopping mall parking lot. this was a 747 cargo plane, no injuries. can you imagine the size of this thing of a scar, falling out of the sky? there's the atlas cargo plane, a 747 landed safely. investigators are on the scene. luckily nobody got hurt with it. you have perks and you have
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perks. "fortune" magazine is out to its list of the top 100 companies to work for. one company has taking perks to a whole new level. stephanie elam gives a peek. >> reporter: this software company pampers employees from head to toe. where you can you shoot some hoops or get a haircut without leaving the office? oh sure, we have plenty of employees that... you can label as "different." like janice. uh-huh. yeah. fashion deficient. and tom... copy incapable. it's open kimono time. looking good, dan. oh, we want to make sure all our ducks in a row. yeah. volume control syndrome. but we focus on the talent and skill that each person... brings to the team. i mean, no one's really concerned about labels. not even mine.
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clinic a day care center and massages and live music during lunch. >> i love it. i love it. i wouldn't want to work anywhere else. >> reporter: a work/life ball snls a p balance, and unlimited sick time. no wonder it's number one. every now and then there's a study that's made for me. a reason not to exercise. a new study says for many people working out does nothing to improve endurance. and who's to blame? your parents. the study was done by an international group of researchers who says one in five people are genetically predisposed to have little improvement in endurance even if they work out regularly. interesting. don't throw the running shoes out just yet, though, researchers say there are other benefits like burning excess fat and boosting heart health. we're not off the responsibility of exercising just yet. we'll stay on top of the weather story for you because it's quite serious in the mid-atlantic states and moving
1:29 pm
into the northeast. we're here in the severe weather center with chad myers to tell you what's going on. we have two things going on, chad, the weather that's moving in that you talked about, butt it's really affecting travel around the country. you were telling us about delta and southwest canceling flights going into baltimore, d.c., philly. >> correct. and the thing i think maybe you'd think about if you really need to get out, get a train to new york. because they are only going to get 3 inches of snow in new york city, get out of baltimore and d.c. any way you can, because no flights are going there. i have a friend going from vail to new york, and he's getting on a plane because his flight to new york city won't be there. they are not sending planes to the northeast because they don't want them to be stuck there because of a lot of snow. there absolutely will be places, ali, don't get me wrong, with 25 inches of snow. it's not going to be d.c. and places south of there because of how much slop is going to fall
1:30 pm
down. it's the rain/snow mix, when you look at it you can see through the snow you know when you make the snowball and water comes out, that's the snow for d.c. >> the snowball fight snow. >> yeah. be careful who you hit, because it's going to be a very heavy snowball. and watch when you're shoveling, we call it heart attack snow, because you don't realize how heavy and how much snow you're moving. the first 15 inches of snow will only measure up to be 6 because it's not fluffy, it will be colder and then it will pile on top. a foot and half for d.c. and maybe more for baltimore, front royal, charlotte'sville, back to the i-81 corridor and harrisburg, up to scranton, 1 inch. up to new york city, 3 inches. it's a fine line between ugly and not so bad. >> if you need to get up, get north of it. >> get on an acela train. >> amtrak stopped one line going south of d.c. i think we got pictures of charlottesville, virginia, this is our tower cam.
1:31 pm
could be anywhere. that could be anywhere in the world, but it's charlottesville, virginia. >> i see a building on the bottom. other than that, that's visibility of about 50 feet. >> be careful. when we're telling you all this so you're careful when you're traveling. we're going to come back in a minute. drew griffin has this great story about what's going on with the air marshals. these are the people that we believe are keeping us safe on airplanes when we fly on them. we'll find out something interesting about them when we come back. (announcer) a cold or flu can start fast. it can go from a scratchy throat in the morning. to a cough. to a full body ache... at night. new tylenol cold rapid release gels day and night work fast too. they release medicine fast to relieve painful coughs, congestion and sore throats. so you can rest, day and night.
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feel better, tylenol cold.
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bad news out of the department of homeland security. cnn found some serious issues with the men and women who are supposed to protect you when you fly. here's our drew griffin with our special investigations unit. >> reporter: the federal air marshals' mission protect america's commercial aircraft from future terrorist attacks. >> sit down! >> reporter: with a nearly $1 billion budget, how many attempted terrorist attacks have the federal air marshals foiled? none, that we've been told about. they did shoot and kill one man, a person at miami's airport, with mental health issues who claimed to have a bomb in a backpack. as far as arresting terrorists or anyone else? >> i have the statistics for last year that they've made four arrests for an appropriation
1:35 pm
over $800 million that came out to more than $200 million per arrest. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: so, what's going wrong? air marshals cnn talked to for this story describe a federal agency in chaos. where bored and frustrated air marshals focus more on internal squabbles than watching for bad guys. the marshals asked we not show their faces. >> we don't have managers that provide training or provide leadership or do anything other than produce conflict. >> how can you say you're protecting the public when you're playing games? >> reporter: look at this dry erase board in an air marshals' office in orlando, florida. cnn was told managers used the board to keep track of how many minority air marshals had been disciplined. employees told cnn managers were awarding each other scores for their harassment activities. the transportation security administration said it's
1:36 pm
investigating and that all employees are entitled to be treated in a fair and lawful manner. but orlando's not the only example. all over the country, from las vegas to seattle, to cincinnati, air marshals have filed official complaints, claiming age, gender, and racial discrimination. in cincinnati alone, 20% of the office filed complaints, according to their lawyer. six marshals say they were then retaliated against in the workplace with undesirable assignments. managers allegedly spent nines months at an unknown cost to taxpayers investigating whether one female air marshal had her car registered in the proper state. >> at the conclusion of that, she was notified that the car in question belonged to a different air marshal, so they were dropping the inquiry. my one-month -- almost 1-year-old child would probably be better at picking up the phone and dialing the driver's license bureau than these guys are. >> reporter: then there the story of this woman, a
1:37 pm
girlfriend, now wife, of an air marshal, who complained to the department of homeland security she was followed, photographed, and investigated by the air marshals. all because, she says, her then-boyfriend had a workmans comp claim. >> americans' safety is being put on the back burner because, you know, we're 40 miles away from the airport investigating private citizens. >> reporter: despite repeated requests, the federal air marshals service and tsa declined to give cnn an interview. sheila jackson lee believes the air marshal service now needs to be reinvented. >> we've got those kinds of problems, we need to get a broom and sweep it out. the only way we'll ensure the security and safety of the me american people we have staff par excellence, and i know they're out there. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn,
1:38 pm
washington. all right, we're covering the tea party convention, the tea party convention. mary snow is standing by as the convention gets under way how the convention is going on, there she is, waiting to tell us what's going on. we're also monitoring president bill clinton in port-au-prince, haiti, you see a camera there. he's holding a press conference. we'll wait to see what he says. we'll monitor it and if it's something you need toe know, we'll let you know. but we'll go to mary snow, first to find out if this country is witnessing the birth of a new political party. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. chptse aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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all right. let's take you over to nashville right now. very important thing happening right now. we've been telling you about this. this the first convention of the tea party movement. this is a movement that is really gaining steam. we've done a little bit of research in to how fast the growth of this movement has been. we found 3,200 websites since february of 2009, so just under
1:40 pm
a year, containing the word "tea party." they've been registered with godaddy which is the largest internet web provider. five political tea party action committees have registered with theederal election committee and there are 600 tickets to this convention in nashville and all 600 tickets have been sold out. let's go to mary snow who h been covering this for us and tell us a bit on at this convention, what it feels like. hi, mary. >> reporter: hey there, ali. 600 people have been attending different workshops throughout the day. why christians must engage is the title of one, getting women involved, getting young people involved. also how to use sites like facebook in order to get your message out. and we've talked to a lot of people who have never been politically involved who came to this convention. right now we'll meet doris gentry, who has been politically involved, she ran for office, in 2008 you ran as a republican, you ran against a democrat, and
1:41 pm
you told me, i had my clocked clean, they beat me good, it was the obama year, and now you're here running for election, the seat is open in the california state assembly. what have you learned so far that you think you'll take back to napa, california, where you live? >> okay, well, i've learned a lot of things today. we've had the first conference was talking about how to get past fired up and engaged, because the conservative party and the republican party really supports strongly a christian platform, biblical standards and also, then, we had a conference just now how to get the young people engaged. how to work high school and college campuses and get young people fired up for traditional conservative values. >> reporter: you told me you're a conservative and you have been taking part in various tea party protests in your home state. your impression of the people here in nashville? >> my impression they're fired up and they are grassroots and they're mommies and they care
1:42 pm
about their families and kids and people are worried about taxation and the future. so, this is a great opportunity for us to get together and build on our ideas. >> reporter: doris gentry, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> reporter: and throughout the day, the workshop and the speeches and the keynote speaker is former alaska governor, sarah palin, who is going to be here tomorrow night. ali? >> of course, we'll have that on tv. you've covered a lot of politics, you'veeen in lot of rms thatbeen very, very heated politically. does it feel like a convention? does it feel like a political environment? does it feel like a get-together? what's it feeling like? >> reporter: a little bit of a hybrid of both of a get-together and convention. you know, this is -- the tone here is not the same as it is in the tea party protests that you'd seen. one of the organizers said this is a maturing of the movement. there's a lot of practical information being given to people, in terms of organizing, but in terms of what -- you know, there's no one clear message. >> right.
1:43 pm
>> reporter: and people here that we've spoken to have a lot of different messages, and as you mentioned, there are so many different tea party movements, so yet to be determined exactly the unified message that comes out of here when this is over. >> all right. maybe next time we see you, you'll show us some of the t-shirts they're telling. there must be something good. conventions are always good for slowinge slogans. >> reporter: very colorful ones. when we come back, we'll speak to mark scota, he's central to the tea party movement. we'll talk to him about whether it's a movement or a political party or a protest. let's talk to the people who organized it think about what's happening there in nashville. for strong bones, i take calcium.
1:44 pm
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1:46 pm
♪ ♪ it's a party ♪ yay it's a party in the usa just be clear that's our music, superimposed upon the tea party, that's not their theme. let's talk to mark skoda, he's a spokesperson for the tea party convention, he's a founder of the memphis tea party, tomorrow he's a panelist in a session called where is the tea party going from here. where is it headed. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i talked to mary snow there, i've been to a couple of the tea party rallies and they do not feel and they did not feel what it looks like you're at right now. tell me what's different from these rallies that have grown in
1:47 pm
number across the country over the past year. >> i think fundament yal what's different, the rallies tended to be visceral and emotion. you saw animated people. you saw people dressing up, you saw a lot of anxiousness and perhaps even sometimes angriness. i think what's different about this convention is we have people who are behaving like adults in the sense that they are looking to figure out what skills they need to organize and provide leadership and ultimately to action the political process at their local level. >> and mary was talking about it, the seminars are practical, how to use social networking and motivate youth. what is supposed to happen out of this? i know you're talking about it at a panel. is it a political party? is it a mature movement? what is it? >> i would tell you the movement is indeed maturing. i don't believe, and i don't believe anybody here, believes a third party makes sense. but what is clearly beginning to occur, people are engaging for the first time. in the memphis tea party, 90% of the members had never participated in an activist
1:48 pm
movement. they are hearn iare learning to and organize. and barack obama said don't pay attention to cnn, fox news, pass it through a reconciliation process, the health care process. they don't want their leaders listening to them. that's the change. >> here's the interesting thing, most of the people who we talked to who are attendees who paid the $549 for a ticket, tend to be not attached to a political party or disenfranchised republicans or conservatives. are you going to split the conservative or republican vote, thereby allowing the administration greater power? >> absolutely not. i shared that you have to declare yourself at some point. we have two political parties that can win, democrat or republican. if michael steele was so smart if he could co-opt it or start it, he would have already done so. the truth of the matter is, the localize view of how we action ourselves and motivate behaviors in our communities and
1:49 pm
ultimately how we elect people to represent us once they're in office, whether it's republican or zoidemocrat, but largely republican. at the end of the day, it's the old jesse james' question, why do you rob banks? >> how do you deal with the fringe elements that are part aren't tea party? >> as the movement matures and capable, they seem disaffected. this is the reality. i think in the democrat and the republican parties both, we see people who are disaffected. the tea party movement, which is not really a party, but it is a group of people who are concerned about the country, i think is changing that. identi i believe that people will come into the fold of action and electing people that will represent them. >> mark, good to talk to you. thanks very much. we're following it with great interest. it's interesting to see how a movement grows. mark skoda, the founder of the
1:50 pm
memphis tea party. we're following a big story through the mid-atlantic right now. chad myers is at our severe weather center. reynolds wolf is out there in the snow. we're tracking with it with cen is out there tracking it as well. we will tell you what is going and the flights, with the weather and the snow and reports of how to deal with it over the course of the next couple of days. stay with us. e driving on elect. the gmc sierra hybrid. the most fuel-efficient full-size pickup on the road. may the best truck win. right now 1.2 million people are on sprint mobile broadband. 31 are streaming a sales conference from the road. 154 are tracking shipments on a train. 33 are iming on a ferry. and 1300 are secretly checking email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilitie.
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hi. we have a big storm coming into middle atlantic states, and we have chad on the case here, and we have got reynolds wolf on the mall in d.c. and both of them covering what is going on. d.c. is central to where a lot of the snow and rain, but it is a complicated weather system. it will be snow? some places, and rain in others, but it will be some very strange heavy snow in a lot of the places. >> very wet, full of water. those flakes that are full of water don't pile up like a south dakota snow that fluffs up. so there might be enough snow and there is enough water in the air for 28 inches in the north carolina way high mountains, but it won't happen, because it is so heavy, it will pack down and it won't have the potential to pile up. but there is still that much weight in the snow one way or another. it is snowing across missouri, indianapolis, and columbus, ohio, and don't want to forget about you guys. it is slippery out here and
1:54 pm
fairly ugly rush hour across the i-70 area. then from d.c. up to philadelphia, you will start to get snow tonight after dark, philadelphia. you will get 18 inches between philadelphia and baltimore. south of d.c., it is all rain. snow in richmond. they have been pounded this year with snow, and this is a rain event for you and i know it is starting out as snow, but the warm air will come up and melt all of it. 15 inches is a good number. >> wow. >> and look at, in this is 15 in d.c. in this pink area, and look to west, and all of the way back into west virginia, snowshoe mountain is all 20 inches or more. some 20-inch totals may sneak east of there. >> all right. let's see what it looks like in d.c. and reynolds is there. are you there on the mall, reynolds? you got me? >> right here in the mall, ali. and chad, absolutely. got you loud and clear, ali. there is a reason that chad
1:55 pm
meyer is america's best meteorologist. he says it is slushy and look at, this it is wet and slushy and certainly not powder and chad nailed it. something else that he nailed is the intensity of the snow and how it is coming down. you at home can see it moving diagonally across the screen, but if you look in this direction, and we have chris turn te turner the photojournalist, and if you pan over here you can see the monuments over here, but over here you cannot see washington monument. chad has been talking about it all day long, the road conditions in some places good, because it is not a chance to accumulate on the roads. crews are out all over maryland and the state of virginia and the nation's capital. it is going to be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of hours. by this afternoon, we can see a much faster rate into the evening and overnight and that is when the real fun, and that is tongue and cheek, because it is going to be coming in.
1:56 pm
>> well, you know how to have fun. and reynolds you were reporting on d.c., but chad, you were talking about flights canceled all over. >> d.c. and baltimore and up here to 200 flights already canceled. we will expand not on what reynolds said how great a weatherman i am, but traffic afted in d.c. and here is the loop, the perimeter, and we talked about which way the traffic is going there and there, and this is called the inner loop, the north side inner loop and all of the red means that traffic is going less than 10 miles an hour already. that has nothing to do with the snow coming down, but it has something to do with everybody panicked to try to get there before the snow comes down. >> you make an interesting point if you are traveling into that part of the country, new york is not hit this way. >> three inches for new york city and five newark and seven for there which is okay. >> reynolds, is that you are
1:57 pm
hanging out at the mall to watch it come down. >> well, we will be here tomorrow afternoon and sunday as the snow continues to come down. we talked about the snow coming and then of course on the ground and then the removal of it. it is a three-pronged story, and certainly one that will affect a lot of people especially in the part of the world. >> people are stock up, and you told me, stocking up onned foo, a -- stocking up on food, and we heard na from ed henry, that stores cannot stay up with the provations. we will stay on this. >> and a tornado watch will be issued across parts of florida in the next half hour, wnd will get back to you then. >> and one of our correspondents gets a lessons in luge in germany, and we will show you that when we come back. hey, ask our doctor about garlique, okay?
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garlique's clinically tested ingredient maintains healthy cholesterol naturally. eat right. exercise. garlique. it is friday and that means it is time for "back story." this is one of my favorite things we do which is a behind the scenes look at what happens on location when our crews are capturing the news. michael holmes steers that ship and you have a great story to do with the olympics right now. >> yes, we ran this "back story" on cnn international earlier this week, and you know the luge, one of the weird winter sports where you lay down -- >> you wonder how that got started. >> well, it is a little bit over 100 miles an hour. and insane stuff.
2:01 pm
we have trained the correspondents, and they go out on the story and tell them to shoot a little extra and do more. and now for "back story" fred pleitgen went out there, and we got his photojournalist to shoot a little bit of him having a little adventure, and here it is. >> all right. so today, we have a special task to shoot luge which is a very fast sledding sport, very popular in germany, and these guys are so fast na i that is absolutely almost impossible to try to get them on camera. let me show you. >> all right. ready to go. please tell the bosses i want a raise. it looks great, doesn't it? hey, it is pretty good. we are going to try and do a start. on the luge.
2:02 pm
okay. so what do i have to do? i feel a little bit like one of the sausages. >> like a white sausage. >> yes, the bavarian white sausage. >> yes. okay. so you are ready to go. >> so, let's start over there. and you over here. >> reporter: so the front guy sits only on this thing. >> only on the front. and now, come on. >> reporter: so sit down here like this? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm sorry. i might be a little bit big for this. >> now you have to fix yourself here. >> reporter: am i too fat, yeah? it is okay, okay. we got it. right? like this. so we lay down like this -- oh. >> what is this? >> reporter: it is very tight. okay. i feel very close to you.
2:03 pm
[ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: okay. >> so, now we will try to paddle. >> reporter: paddle, and then you tell me when to lay down. okay. good. like this, good. >> you put the feet in the front. >> reporter: okay. one, two, three -- four. >> now lay down. lay down. >> reporter: very good. whoa! ki g can i get up? >> no. stay cool. >> reporter: whoa! oh, god, this feels very, very strange. whoa. >> so, now go up. >> reporter: okay. >> wow. >> reporter: that was -- sorry. other side? >> yes. >> reporter: good. i get out of here. you see the gloves have nails on them so that when you paddle,
2:04 pm
you can grip the snow, yeah? it is a weapon he says. all right. thank you very much. hold up. not quite. everything is still in place. good. lovely. thank you very much for that. thank you very much. i would like to shake your hands, but, yeah. good. thank you very much, sir. >> if the driver goes ill, i will call you. >> reporter: yes, and i will be in the olympics, yes, very good. >> you can see that fred is about my size about 6'4" and we were going to say that we would put a warning ahead of that that no lugers were harmed in the making of those stories. >> i am afraid to do those stories because i will look ungainly, but fred has broken new ground for us. >> he is for wearing the like t
2:05 pm
>> and we used the saying how the sausage is made. >> yes, the white sausage he said, and the bavarian kind. >> that is why this story, "back story" is so much fun. >> we have many big stories we are covering today with the toyota, and the story of unemployment in the country. this morning we got new unemployment numbers that i want to tell you about and some figures that some say cause for hope, but not celebration. let's go through the jobs numbers right now. the official unemployment rate in the united states for january and we always get it in the next month is 9.7%, which is is a drop from 10%. 20,000 more jobs were lost in january than the month before, but the government did revise the number of jobs lost in the recession in total to 8.4 million. and that is 1.2 million more
2:06 pm
than we originally thought. now, let me put this in perspective for you and forget the unemployment rate for a second and look at jobs gained or lost. ever since the first month of the recession in january of 2007, we have been losing jobs. let me show you the bar graph. the recession started a month earlier in december, but we gain jobs. last january, 740,000 jobs were lost in one month. we should be gaining jobs 100 or 150,000 a month, but this is what we are losing. now we are here. in november we actually gain ad few jobs, but take a look at this. look at the v-shape and the bottom line is that you cannot deny that the trend is changing for jobs, but still, we wanted to be gaining jobs and not losing jobs, and the bottom line for some of you looking for jobs and others are facing a layoff for the first time and we want to get you some specific information which ever case you are in. we are bringing in experts. brad karsh is with job bound, a long-time recruiter and resume expert and author of a few books
2:07 pm
on resumes. robin bond is a workplace attorney. she is based in philadelphia, and she advices people who have workplace problems and have lost their jobs about their rights. so i want to talk to both of you very specifically at this point. we know what the national trend is. brad, if people are looking for a job today, we know the situation is improving, but what is first thing that you want to tell them to do? >> the first piece of advice i give to people is that they must be active job seekers. one of the biggest mistakes they make is that when they are looking for jobs they sit behind the computer and apply a few jobs and shoot out e-mails and then get incredibly frustrated because they don't hear back. they need to get away from computer and use that as a first step and pick up a phone and talk to people and network your way to a job. that is the single best way to do it. don't expect it to magically come into your inbox. you need to work hard on that
2:08 pm
>> you will give us a specific tip on how to do that when we come back. robin, i want to ask you for the tense of thousands of people who face layoffs on a daily basis and you are in shock when it happens and may not be thinking clearly, so what do you remember as you get the layoff notice and leaving the building? >> well, the first thing you want to take care of is my discharge characterized in such a way that i am eligible for unemployment compensation, and you were fired because it is not something you did wrong. you don't want it characterized as you quit or leaving for misconduct, because that will make you ineligible for unemployment. you want to make sure you sign on via the website to the unemployment compensation website and get your application moving the day after you get your termination notice. >> okay. you both have more tips for us, and we are not done with either of you. robin and brad, stay with us,
2:09 pm
andly break the jobs picture down further for you after this break. . no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ] talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction isn't easy. actually, doc, there is something i want to talk to you about. but it's definitely a conversation worth having. twenty million men have had their viagra talk. when you're ready for yours, visit for helpful conversation starters and to learn how viagra can help. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. don't take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects may include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. it's time to take a deep breath... and ask your doctor if viagra is right for you.
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2:11 pm
many of you are either looking for work or dealing with the fact that you lost your work. so i am dwgoing to talk with br karsh from job bound and robin from philadelphia who is an attorney. robin, if you are given an offer of severance do you have to take it if it is given to you?
2:12 pm
>> no. by law if you are age 40, they have to give you 21 days to review the offer and you have the right to consult an attorney before you accept it. they have made you the first offer and now you look at it and you go back to very respectfully ask the company to reconsider that offer based on several things. you have to ask yourself, well, what is my leverage and what have i done for the company? how have i increased value? have i met all of the objectives of the year? has that brought money to the company's bottom line? and perhaps instead of six weeks of severance they would respectfully consider your request for nine weeks. you make a argument that is per swaytive. >> okay. so it is open for discussion. >> yes, it is open for discussion. >> i want to ask you something, brad, when people are laid off for a job, there is the shock period, and it is your advice that people should early on consider switching careers entirely. >> it is a great time to reassess what your priorities are, and a lot of times we
2:13 pm
continue on in the professions blindly moving along and sometimings a layoff can be a blessing in disguise and now is a time to think about what do i really want to do? d i want to go back to school? do i want to start my own company? do i want to change fields? a time like this allows you to consider some options and take a deep breath and decide what you want to do. >> thank you, brad. people can find you on jobbound and you help people with resumes and we want to talk more about networking and how to do that. robin, we will always have stuff to talk about because unfortunately people continue to lose their job. robin bound, an employment attorney, and brad karsh from jobbound. we are going back to the situation in haiti. we have been covering this, and haiti needs all of the heroes it can get, and one of the cnn
2:14 pm
heroes has been answering the call. you will meet him when we come back. me too. you know, i just got out of a bad relatio... it's okay. thanks. goodnight. goodnight. (door crashes in, alarm sounds) get out! (phone rings) hello? this is rick with broadview security. is everything all right? no, my ex-boyfriend just kicked in the front door. i'm sending help right now. thank you. (announcer) brink's home security is now broadview security. call now to install the standard system for just $99. the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly-trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now-- and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or business - the next generation of brink's home security. call now.
2:15 pm
all right some news coming in from haiti, and i wanted to tell you about heroes, but a different situation coming in. a u.s.-owned helicopter helping with the haiti efforts has crashed in the dominican republic and killed two people aboard, and they may be americans and one of the two victims was dressed as a doctor. we are getting the word in. a u.s.-operated helicopter has crashed in the dominican republic involved in aid efforts in haiti, and we have no word on the identities of those in the helicopter except reports that one of them is dressed as a doctor and thought to be americans. but two more people who have
2:16 pm
died in a remarkable tragedy, and we have just learned that the death toll in haiti has climbed to 212,000 people according to the prime minister. the prime minister believes that number will rise, and the number is hard to pin down because of mass burials in unmarked graves and possible victims still buried in the rubble. but 212,000 people is the latest we have. another story to update you on the ten american missionaries charged with trying to take kids out of the haiti quake zone the secretary of state hillary clinton says it is now for the haitian judicial system to decide. and also former president clinton arrived in haiti a few hours ago. he is meeting with leaders and delivering supplies and he is charged with overseeing the aid situation, and we will monitor that for you and bring you any necessary information out of the press conference is about to give. and more than 1 million people lost their homes in the
2:17 pm
quake and among those, a cnn hero. anderson cooper caught up with him. >> reporter: more than two weeks after the earthquake, bobby duval is overwhelmed. the soccer field he built for kids is now a tent city. >> we were already in the hole, and now we are deeper in the hole. >> reporter: he founded a soccer training center called athletics of haiti giving the kids from some of the poorest neighbors in port-au-prince, an opportunity to get to get off of the streets, play a sport and get a meal. >> the kids never missed practice, and the disciplined enough to keep focused on something positive. >> reporter: that program is now a lifesaver. many families of the children who played soccer for bobby have moved to the field with nowhere else to go. >> what we are trying the do is to keep it clean and give them some, set up bathrooms and set
2:18 pm
up some water, and give them care. that is all. understanding. so, they are safe here. >> reporter: safe and sheltered. he provided what tenlts he had. those without them have gotten more creative. are these goalposts, too? >> yes. these are goalposts. >> reporter: someone has made a home out of goalposts. >> yes. >> reporter: kids are playing soccer to pass time, and families are making the do the best they can. >> save as many as you can and serve as many as you can, and that it is. relief workers estimate that 3 million haitians are in need of food, water and medical supplies. if you want to help, go to impact your world at we are following the blizzard, and the weather hitting the northeast and the mid-atlantic and there is a picture of the capitol building in washington. we go diagonally, and we will go
2:19 pm
to d.c. and chat with reynolds wolf and chad meyers who is monitoring the travel and the weather situations over the next couple of days. stay with us. ññññññññññññw that's why we created the tide "loads of hope" program, a free laundry service that provides clean clothes to families affected by disasters. [ woman ] it feels so good to be able to know that i've got clean clothes. you don't know how very basic essentials are until you have none. ♪ this is what gives us hope. [ female announcer ] you too can join us by purchasing a tide vintage t at hey, buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know? no problem. mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure.
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2:22 pm
okay. we have a lot of weather going on in the northeast and the mid-atlantic states, but that is not all actually and we have action in florida that chad is going to tell us about. >> i could open up a 24-hour weather channel other than other things, we could run weather all of the time. spring hill, and this is an area here with a rotation signature west and southwest of this area. if you are near tampa, and here is spring hill, and if you are near the gardens there, you need to take cover now. this thing is part of the snow system that is making snow across the north. new york will get a couple of inches and d.c. 18, and north of d.c., because they will get sloppy, north of d.c. and west, that is the heaviest and we could see 24 inches in some spots, but look at the tail. the tail is all of the way down into the florida. >> that is what is causing this tornado situation? >> yes. there is a big tornado watch for hours and a tornado warning for one cell is in itself rotating and could have a tornado on the ground right now. >> take a look at the pictures
2:23 pm
in d.c. right now. let's take a look at the white house and the capitol and there is the capitol and reynolds is out there on the mall telling us how the snow is coming sideways, and you described it as being -- there is white house -- and you described it as water-laden snow. >> you see it on the lenses there. you see how the snow drop had melted? because it was not cold enough to make really good snow. >> that is what we are looking at. >> yes, i have been looking at this video for a long time, and it could be anywhere, and a there is a little building on to bottom, but there are reports of two inches of snow there an hour. >> so this is causing a problem with flights, a lot of cancellations. >> absolutely. i can find that one right there and we have had 230 flights canceled in and out of d.c. and baltimore and by delta and we know that southwest is not flying there. the rest of the carriers are just trying to get the planes out. they don't want them stuck there. >> right. >> and you get 20 inches of snow inside --
2:24 pm
>> you are not going anywhere until it is cleared up. >> then you have the baggage area closed up. this happens in detroit a lot. you have to scoop out the gate just to get the plane out and then it could be days. >> so we will keep an eye on this for you traveling. we are going to go to nashville and talk to attendees of the tea party convention, the first annual, and find out what they are thinking. are they at the birth of a new movement or new political party? stay tuned, we will talk to them. this is a honda pilot. and this is the chevy traverse. it has more cargo space than pilot. including the most space behind the third row. and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too. more fuel efficient and 30% more room.
2:25 pm
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2:27 pm
well, if you are not quite sure of what to make of the whole tea party thing, you are not alone. let me show you a cnn opinion research poll that we just brought out and in nashville right now the tea party is having the first convention. they only got started last year, and it was really more of a movement than a party. 33% of those polled have a favorable opinion of the tea party movement. 26% have anunfavorable view of it and 40% are unsure about it. they don't know who they are, and that is why we have gloria borger to try to break it down for us and try to understand whether it is a movement, and there were rallies and now they are having a convention, but they don't call them delega delegates -- what do you think this is? i know i have talked to you a lot, but what do you think it
2:28 pm
is? >> i think it is a very passionate group of people and the most passionate group we have got in american politics right now. they are angry. they are united by what they are against rather than what they are for. and they are against big government, against big deficits, against big regulation, and lots of taxes. they don't want lots of taxes. so, they are kind of this movement that you could say that have broken away largely, i would have to say from the republican establishment. >> what is that? what do you mean? >> well, when you talk to people from so-called republican establishment which means members of congress, what you hear is that they are afraid to criticize tea party folks publicly, because they don't want to alienate them or get a primary candidate running against them supported by the tea party, but privately, they are concerned about the tea party movement, because largely,
2:29 pm
they are afraid that they could in the end divide the republican voters and hand barack obama for example the next presidential election and hand lots of democrats con gregressional sea so they are concerned about them. >> we keep talking about the dangers of the obama administration being out of touch with the voters in the ground swell movement. are you sort of saying that maybe there is okay for the obama administration for democrats? >> well, it is, you know, it is interesting, because these are making away largely from the republican party, and the things that i told you that they are against are largely conservative points of view, so they are really taking chargely from the republicans and rather than the democrats. don't forget that barack obama harnessed this kind of passion in the democratic party when he ran for the presidency, right? and that is where the passion was. so, now the pendulum has swung, and so, republicans are kind of nervous. you know, in upstate new york there was a republican congressional seat, and the
2:30 pm
voters split and handed the seat to the democrats. >> we talked to mary snow earlier who is at the convention and i asked her if it felt like a political convention or rally and she said, well, it is yet to be seen, but somewhere in the middle and it didn't have the edginess of the tea parties that we saw, but then i interviewed one of the organizers and they said that they are maturing and the fringe is falling off. >> yes, we heard someone on the air saying, look, we don't want to become an independent party and we don't want to elect leaders who are trying to establish the independent party. what they are trying to do at a local level or state level is affect congressional races, and affect senate races, and they are kind of right now looking for leadership. if i were to look for leadership of the tea party movement right now, i would like to the state of florida where marco rubio is challenging governor crist for that senate seat. and you know, he could emerge as a leader of the movement, but
2:31 pm
right now, it is a group of people who feel passionately about something, and they are trying to figure out what to do about that. >> and what about the big brand name attached to it, sarah palin who is the keynote speaker saturday night closing it out, and is she the defactor leader? >> well, maybe. there really is no leader right now. i think that there are lots of folks who believe that sarah palin speaks for them, if you talk to the ekfolks who are going to be listening to her, she clearly speaks to the folks who feel they are disenfranchised from the republican party and they don't like the way that washington works. she confirms their outsiderism, if you will. and so, i think that she is to a certain degree a leader, but she's not seeking political office right now. she is not organizing for them, and she is getting paid for the speech she is giving, so i think that, you know, i think that they may be looking for a leader who wants to get a little more active in their movement. i think that sarah palin right now has a lot of other things
2:32 pm
going on. >> well, you said something, and you have said it a few times and i love to have you on here, because you have identified this outsiderism as something interesting and something that swept barack obama to office or at least helped him to take office and now he has been made by some of the critics into the ultimate insider who is not changing things in washington. >> absolutely. >> and he is trying to take his piece of outsiderism back. >> right. right. he is the reformer again, and the guy who wants to change the tone in washington. he is trying to get back to what it was that got him elected in the first place. people believe, and probably lots of those folks in the tea party convention believe that barack obama has been doing too much business behind closed doors. he promised to bring in the c-span cameras on the health debate. he didn't do that. he has been cutting deals with the labor unions and cutting deals with senators to try to get health care reform through. so, he is going back to thet radios right now, because that is what people found so appealing to him, but the
2:33 pm
problem is that he has also got to lead a governing majority, and he laz to fihas to find a w things done, and he has a base in the party that is pretty upset with him if he starts to cut deals with the republicans, but he just might do it, because he is going to probably lose a bunch of the seats in the midterm elections, so he is going to be forced into it anyway. >> thank you, gloria borger for joining us. >> it is snowing here. >> yes, we have cameras outside of the capitol and stay warm and be stocked up on everything. >> it is beautiful. >> it is beautiful, but we will keep track of another story slowing people down, and that is the story of toyota. that is the chairman of toyota issuing an apology into what is a massive crisis for the company. poppy harlow has been on the case since the beginning and she is going to give us the latest. she has spoken to more dealers and she will give us and up-to-date report on what is
2:34 pm
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garlique's clinically tested ingredient maintains healthy cholesterol naturally. eat right. exercise. garlique. ♪ it is hard for me the say i'm sorry ♪ >> i am liking the detail on this show. for two weeks a virtual no-show and now toyota's ceo has finally stepped up to the plaet and apologized and sort of shown his presence. let's go to poppy harlow who is following this with the team. what have you got, poppy? >> well, an interesting press
2:37 pm
conference with the head of toyota coming out on friday night at 9:00 in japan. from what i read it is unusual, but the key is that he apologized. finally he apologize and the first public appearance we have seen from him in two weeks saying that there is no solution yet for the brake problems and potential brake problems in the prius, and no recall yet, but we are looking into it. i should also note that we learned in the last 24 hours, maybe there san issue with the brakes in the lexus hybrids, but he insisted in the press conference mr. toyoda, that quality is key, and he said, believe me toyota cars are safe. that is the message he wanted to send. take a quick listen to what he had to say. >> toyota is still -- >> translator: we are speaking at one voice in toyota and the reason i have come out at this time of night is to appeal to the customers directly through the media and say we have put our customers as the first priority. >> so obviously putting their customers at the forefront here and ali as we talked about here,
2:38 pm
quality is key can toyota and they have built their brand around the world on this, and therefore, they are setting up a quality commission to further investigate and protect against issues like this in the future, ali. >> well, you is been talking to people and you were at a dealership and i know you have gotten off of the phone with a toyota dealer, and what have you learned? >> well, i spoke to the same deal erp dealer i spoke to in new york. >> in brooklyn, new york. >> yes, in brooklyn, new york, and biggest dealer ship and i wanted to talk to him about what happened when the prius news broke. he is frustrated, ali. he said this is a witch hunt of sorts he said. this is a sort of all-out gang busters against toyota. all of my customers are calling not because they are having problems with the brakes, but because they are hearing you, the media, talk about it, but i told him that we have to relay this message. i will tell you what he said that i thought was interesting talking about how he is getting through this, and the dealer is getting through this, and he said essentially i am telling
2:39 pm
all of the sales men and women to do whatever it takes to sell those cars and go as low as you need to, because we want to get toyotas out of the door and we don't want to lose market share and if we lose money in the interim, that is fine, but we don't want to lose market share, and we not afford to lose the loyalty. >> right in the car industry, it is not the profit on the sale, but once you have taken a toyota dealer and made them a ford driver or gm driver, you may have lost them for the next car sale or the one after that. >> he said he is eligible for $60,000 from toyota to help him and others to get through the deal. i am buying people lunch and driving them home and anything to make a sale. the dealer is desperate. they are the lifeblood of the company, and if they cannot sell the autos, there is a trouble. >> i have a great deal of sympathy for the autoworkers and dealers and the toyota has to stop blaming the media, but i feel the pain of dealers not
2:40 pm
moving cars and they don't need to suffer more than they have in the last couple of years. thanks for staying on the story with your team at go to for all of the details you need on the recall. checking the headlines now, an unexpected drop in the nation's unemployment rate. i was 9.7% last month, and that is january the latest month we have compared to 10% in december, but the government reports that 20,000 jobs were lost in january, and the labor department revised the numbers going back to 2007. the end of 2007 when the recession started now says 8.4 million jobs have been lost since the recession began and that is $1.2 million more than we initially thought. and in haiti the ten americans arrested there are looking for help and hillary clinton says a matter for the haitian courts to decide now. the ten missionaries faced charges including kidnapping and accused of trying to take 33 children out of the country claiming they want to help them.
2:41 pm
in langley, virginia, we don't know the names but what they sacrificed. president obama at the ended a memorial for seven contractors and service members today. a suicide bomber killed them, and the identities are secret so the services were closed. there he is. nothing will keep him out of the way of the traffic. the snow is coming down three times as normal, but ed henry is braving for it ed henry segment coming up after this break. stay there, ed.
2:42 pm
♪ cold as ice >> all right. ed henry is braving the elements on a friday afternoon in washington where there is really nobody to be seen in the place especially as a massive winter storm moves in. but, ed, ed is not going to budge. what are you doing out there, ed? it is snowing, friday, washington, why are you there? >> well, ali, i have to be here for you first of all, but the
2:43 pm
people in washington and you want to know why the government is paralyzed in washington, i crazy when they hear about a blizzard. we are expected to get a lot in fairness, but last night i wanted to take my kids to eat pizza in bethesda, maryland, at a great place and i could not park my car to get to the pizza place, because a block and a half away was a giant supermarket and cars with were lined up from the supermarket all of the way down to the pizza shop because they wanted eggs, milk and toilet paper. we have stills from a local d.c. blog, and there is a whole foods market here, and the shelves are wipd out, and there is trader joes on the west end of washington. >> that is it empty bread shelves. >> that is the empty bread shelves at the whole foods. and then one with people lined up, and they are not shopping, but in line for the cashier and snaked around an aisle or two, because there are so many people. then this morning i went for a workout and i tried to park my car in the garage and i could
2:44 pm
not find a parking spot. >> well, hold on, hold on, rewind that. did you just say this morning i went for a workout? >> i did, yeah, i did. >> carry on. all right. >> and so i was basically in the garage and trying to find a spot, and all of the sudden, i can't find one and i asked why, and it is because the club shares a garage with petsmart. i saw rover and everybody else coming in and stocking up on the pet food, so it is not just human food, but rushing out to get kitty litter for the ground as well. >> we don't want to minimize a storm coming in, and the flights have been canceled and hard to get around, but chad says if you are stationary like you are, we have food, and it is not going to end in a couple of days. >> we have a couple of cans of dog food in the closet i would think. >> and what about this in the workout, does it happen much?
2:45 pm
>> it does. a friend of mine is asking to do a production here in washington pretty soon of guys and dolls and he saw your suit today and wanted to know if you will star in the show. >> you know, anything for a little extra exposure. i mean, i have got to work it a little harder until i get my name on the show. talk to me about the super bowl. this is for super bowl viewers, this a great weekend particularly in the mid-atlantic and northeast, because they are stuck at home. >> yeah, a great time to watch the super bowl. the president last year had a bipartisan party in the first c days when we was doing the whole reach out to republicans. >> it won't happen again? >> well, both sides sort of went away from the super bowl, and now they are coming back because the president has invited some republicans, and senator cao is going to come in from new orleans and he has indiana democrats of course the colts. it is going to be another
2:46 pm
bipartisan party, and robert gibbs said in all of the snow, it won't affect the president very much, because as robert joked, he does not shovel snow anymore, because he is a commander in chief, but the daughters will love this, because robert gibbs said they will be out sledding as they have in previous storms and a couple of nights ago we had less snow and i was late working here and i ran into bo the dog over here and he was basically playing on the lawn running around in the snow. so, i think that the happiest puppy in town is bo the dog. he has 16 acres here at the white house all his. >> the president had a warning about the snow in fact. >> yeah, well, you know, he got the warning, and he went with his motorcade we are told, and here is what he said. take a listen first. >> thank you, guys. stay out of the snow. [ laughter ]
2:47 pm
>> the president likes to tease people who have lived in washington longer than him, because since he is originally from hawaii and then via chicago, he, david axelrod and rahm emanuel like to tease us that a couple of inches here and a foot is knotting for chicagoans, because they are used to real snowstorms and so, you know, the president we are told didn't take the normal limousine, but a suburban today when he went out to give the speech about the jobs and economy, because it may not work so well today in the snow. >> he didn't want to get stuck. the one bad thing, and there is a picture of the suburban that the president was in, and the one bad thing is that after months of not seeing each other in person, we were actually going to be neating up this weekend and the storm has kept met out of your part of the country, so we will have to reschedule it. >> well, we will invite you back and we can't watch the super bowl, but maybe -- >> well, maybe i can show up where you are and be in the "ed
2:48 pm
henry" segment. >> yeah, if t.j. was anchoring again, and you walked into the shot like katie couric did the other day. >> ed henry, stay dry, buddy, and i hope you don't get to miss the gym for too long because of the storm. "ed henry segment." all right. the snow is affecting people and how they are traveling. as long as you stay out of it, you will be safe. we will check in with it one more time when we come back. stay with us. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
2:51 pm
♪ he is a cold hearted snake ♪ look into his eyes ♪ he has been telling lies >> all right. some pictures on the top left and i don't have to tell you what that is. that is the u.s. capitol with snow coming down fairly heavily on the right. and on the top right is central park, the view from cnn actually in new york at columbus circle. what is the bottom left there? is that philly? yeah, it looks like philly to me. the snow is not starting in philly until after dark tonight, but boy, there will be snow there. what are we looking at in the bottom right there? all right. i don't know what that is in the bottom right. but we will go to chad who has a tornado warning there. >> well, it is all a part of same system. you the storm and the tail in tampa. now we are talking about mcdill
2:52 pm
air force base, and that is where the tornado is right now. it was literally issued a few minutes ago. we had one in spring hill on that cell, but now there is a new cell heading over the bay, heading over mcdill, and it is really going to be near palm river, gibsonton and all of the way back over to brandon. that is the area that i am most concerned about as it travels to the northeast at 30 to 35 miles an hour. it is a tornado watch box here which means that anywhere in central and southern florida could see tornadoes today, and that purple box means something is actually rotating right now, al know no officially, nothing confirmed on the ground right now, ali. >> the same storm activity, but it is the same system. >> it is the same system in snow in indianapolis, and columbus, ohio, and making about 15 inches of snow in d.c. and maybe more to north of there, and less to the south as rain mixing in. >> all right. back to d.c. right now. reynolds wolf is on the national
2:53 pm
mall covering the story. it is coming down more than it was last time we checked in with you an hour ago, reynolds. >> oh, it certainly is. we are seeing some sizable flakes coming down. we are coming to you on the corner of jefferson and third street, and over here is the american indian museum, and i'm going to cross this street right here. yeah, we are doing okay. not breaking any laws or jaywalking, of course. over here on this side, you have the mall, and it looks pretty, just beautiful sites here for the time being, but i am telling you sit rough stuff on many of the roads. roads in d.c. fine, but around the state in higher elevations, it is places where it is a bit more icy and two fatalities on the roadways and you have to be careful out there. in terms of the roads, themselves, they have crews out there and salt spreader out there and trucks putting out that brine solution, and the plows are ready although they don't have a lot to move off of the streets, because what we are seeing right now mostly wet con igss, but the problems are going to pick up later tonight, ali, as the temperatures continue to drop, and the snow, also, begins to pile up.
2:54 pm
possibly to two feet in some locations. now, chad was talking earlier about the vibltz, and also talking about the airports. well, i can tell you that we haven't heard a lot of noise from planes coming from reagan international or dulles, the same deal, but in terms of visibility, you can barely see the capitol dome. you can see the bottom, but the top, don't bother. and the washington mon yum, you can barely see through the trees there, you cannot see it with the heavy snowfall there. heavy stuff tonight and into tomorrow morning and certainly beating a few records here and there, and the dogs, people out, and having a great time and enjoying it, but a different story tomorrow when the shoveling begins. >> and a different story when you try to get around, and we have heard from united and delta and southwest and planes going into bwi, and reagan and dulles and those airports are not landing a lot of planes at this point. >> and absolutely. you have to think about other
2:55 pm
people trying to get here. rough stuff. >> so it is developing, and not that serious and reynolds in worse, but it is a lot snowier where he is. we will check in with him and chad when we come back. stay there. the gmc sierra hybrid. the most fuel-efficient full-size pickup on the road. may the best truck win. eggland's best eggs.
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the 5-year, 100,000 mile transferable powertrain warranty, from gmc. with roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, it's the best coverage in america. "rick's wlislist" with my fd rick sanchez is coming up. >> i am trying to find out what is going on with the situation of michael jackson and dr. conrad murray. we thought that the guy would
2:58 pm
surrender and then suddenly some snafu between the prosecutors and the police and the lawyers for dr. murray. what happened? i mean, what caused these negotiations to fall apart? we are hearing that there may be a news conference and if it happens in our show, you will see it here live. we will follow this thing and let you know what is going on, ali. >> all right. "rick's list" coming up in less than two minutes. now the x-y-z event. you will remember the space shuttle "challenger" which exploded shortly after liftoff, and killing all seven astronauts. now home video has surfaced. the interesting thing is this commentary and we will let this one breathe. >> there it goes. >> that is badder than usual. >> yeah, it s. >> well, that is it. >> oh, yeah. >> right over those trees. >> oh, yeah, there. >> i saw it. when it went through that hole. >> i don't remember it being
2:59 pm
that bright or that big. what was that part? that must have been one of the boosters. >> oh, look, there is two. it is going off into two. >> is that trouble or not? >> huh? >> they are not having trouble, are they? >> i don't know. i never seen anything like that. >> that is trouble of some kind, george. that is trouble of some kind, isn't it? or not? >> i don't know. >> there it goes again. i think that i will go in and listen. >> they have troubles. >> i'm going to go listen. here the "back story" this is shot by optometrist jack moss on his beta max camcorder in 1986. about a week before he died last year he handed the tape over to the space exploration archive and


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